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My download is slow!
We have hosted the files with amazon s3. This is a very robust service, which can handle hundreds of thousands of users at a time. The server is in the eastern USA. Download times for the 1080p movie range from 20 mins in New York on FIOS, to several hours in countries like Poland or New Zealand. Where ever you are, you should be able to download the file. If you're having trouble, pelase try downloading from another location - your work or a friend's place.
My download doesn't un-zip
Check that the zip file you downloaded is the correct size. E.g. the 1080p zip is 3.9 Gb. If it's smaller, you'll need to download it again.

If you're using windows and your file is over 4Gb, your drive may be formated to FAT32, which doesn't support file sizes over 4Gb.

In order to download and unzip files over 4Gb, you will need to attach a hard drive or USB stick and format it to NTFS format.

How to format a drive as NTFS

Once the newly formatted drive or stick is attached, right click the download link and save the file to that drive. You should then be able to unzip it there and play if from the drive.
How big are the files? What is included with my purchases?
Read the technical info
My disc hasn't arrived
Shipping time vary from one day in California, to over 2 weeks to India. In the meantime, you can download the movie at no extra cost.
I ordered a disc, but it gave me a download code
Download codes are included with your disc at no charge. You will still be sent a disc.

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